Weekly News (#43)

  • CB71 Kill Emil O'Jogo / Tambo COLD BUSTED afro 7" 10,5
    TRS003 Hoodna Orchestra (Ft. Demisu Belete & Adyabo) Alem TODRES afro 7" 10
    OMSD001 Maria Rita Brasileira Optimo Music brazil LP 23
    NYCT7035 Joao Donato e Donatinho Lei Do Amor / Surreal NAMES YOU CAN TRUST brazil 7" 12,9
    TODH002 Todh Teri Deep In India Vol. 2 Todh Teri disco edits 12" 11,9
    DFP001 Odyssey/ Dan Hartman Dimitri From Paris Remixes Le Edits disco edits 12" 12,9
    MT014 Tapan Europa Malka Tuti electronic 12" 14,5
    FPL03V Floating Points Ratio (Deconstructed Mixes) Pluto electronic 12" 12,9
    OFFEN007 Toresch Untitled OFFEN electronic 12" 12,9
    BD284 Visionist Value (LP+MP3) BIG DADA electronic LP 19,5
    TCLR025 Project Pablo Hope You're Well TECHNICOLOUR electronic 12" 9
    PERMVAC165-1 New Jackson Bounce Again PERMANENT VACATION electronic 12" 10,9
    SMALLVILLE52 L'Amour Fou Dujuan SMALLVILLE electronic 12" 10,5
    GLGLP05RMX Edward Into A Better Future Remixes GIEGLING electronic 12" 10
    LPEXP57 Various Soul Togetherness 2017 EXPANSION funk/soul LP 24
    LPEXP56 Various Soul Festival / 1971-1979 Soulful Floorfillers EXPANSION funk/soul LP 22
    EX7025 Ned Doheny To Prove My Love/Guess Who's Looking For Love EXPANSION funk/soul 7" 10,9
    OSV168 Mr. Floods Party / Fork In The Compared To What / Can't Turn Around Now OUTTA SIGHT funk/soul 7" 10,9
    39224421 Leroy Hutson Anthology 1972 - 1984 (2LP+MP3) PIAS COOP/ACID JAZZ funk/soul LP 28,9
    RMND103 Dave Hamilton Ain't It A Groove / Can You Dig It REMINDED RECORDS funk/soul 7" 12
    EX7027 Al Johnson I'm Back For More/I've Got My Second Wind EXPANSION funk/soul 7" 10,5
    DD026 Galaxians Let The Rhythm In DITHER DOWN funk/soul LP 22
    4ZP80768P Dexter Wansel Life On Mars / The Sweetest Pain Philadelphia International funk/soul 12" 11
    AHED10020 Coldcut X On-U Sound Kajra AHEAD OF OUR TIME headz/downtempo 10" 11
    WSP043 Dexter Haare Nice, Remix Fly WSP Entertainment hip hop LP 21,5
    OGXJUMP House Of Pain Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix) OG DJ RECORDS hip hop 7" 16,9
    NOS001T Uffe Narkoministeren Nos Classics house 12" 11,5
    ENVLP00215 Metro Area Metro Area (15th Anniversary Remastered) Environ house LP 34,5
    DG18001 Jorge C Sueno Viejo DOPENESS GALORE house 12" 12,9
    RBDC02 Kalk Äkäsha RUNNING BACK house 12" 10,9
    TKG010 Young Seth & Omar S Lost & Found EP Tuskegee house 12" 11
    WOLFEP042 Medlar Wolfep042 Wolf Music house 12" 11
    MMLP707 Abschaum Moon Tango Macadam Mambo indie/pop/rock LP 22,9
    WSS005 Will Sessions Kindred / Polyester SESSIONS SOUNDS jazz 7" 9,5
    SRLP029 The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe A Spirit Speaks Superfly jazz LP 24,9
    SRLP028 Bobby Jackson Desiree Song Superfly jazz LP 24,9
    SRLP027 N'Kouri Percussions Superfly jazz LP 24,9
    SRLP026 John Gordon Erotica Suite Superfly jazz LP 24,9
    HS169VL Various Digital Zandoli Vol.2 HEAVENLY SWEETNESS latin/caribbean LP 23
    IFEEL065 Mark Barrott The Pathways Of Our Lives International Feel leftfield disco/balearic 12" 11,5
    OMLP12 Fantastic Twins Obakodomo Optimo Music leftfield disco/balearic LP 23
    DC659 Pearls Before Swine One Nation Underground (LP) DRAG CITY sixties LP 26,5
    STRLP003 NSRD Workshop For The Restoration Of Unfelt STROOM wave/punk LP 26,9
    39224621 Basement 5 In Dub PLAY IT AGAIN SAM wave/punk LP 19,5
    39224611 Basement 5 1965-1980 (180g) PLAY IT AGAIN SAM wave/punk LP 28,9